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Juan Wauters at The Camel


SXSW Unofficial Showcases 2022

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Queer Sci Fi Fantasy


"Queer Sci Fi Fantasy” is sheer escapism in the form of auto-tune and arranged harmony paired with production heavily reminiscent of early James Blake. Spurred by doldrums of seasonal depression packaged in overall feelings of disconnection from friends, family, and self-love, the introduction admits a profound, shameless wish in sonic waves of stacked and lush vocals. As the main vocal riff of the song begins, the listener crosses into daydream and finds themselves sharing a spaceship with a bad-ass lover. 

If Yu Like by Adi GuerrerX feat. Benét, Abby Huston

RELEASED 5/7/2021

If Yu Like feat. Benét and Abby Huston is a song written, produced and mixed by Adi GuerrerX. The playfulness of the production functions as the mise-en-scène for each vocalist to enter, croon a wish and exit stage left. "The bare bones of the song is all in the melody" says Adi, "The whole thing came out in nearly one breath." Adi knew it would become a trio, because the idea of monogamy almost seems antiquated to them. "Essentially, it was inspired by my own experience of meeting someone online, across the country during a very bleak, historical period. Collaborating with my friends, Benét and Abby made it so much fun, we're like passing the mic and every time I listen to it, I feel like we're hanging out."


Benét is a Black trans non-binary artist who is based in Richmond, Virginia. Raised in a musically inclined family, Benét‘s ear for music is finely tuned. “My mom would always say ‘Don’t sing my part’” Benét says. “I had to come up with another line when singing together.” Being challenged vocally, Benét’s melodic writing formed an incredible sense of harmony out of necessity. Beyond clear vocal talent, Benét’s lyrics continue to pursue the audience long after the first play. After releasing their first single “Funny” produced by earlier this year, they are back and planning to put out more singles featuring friends and artists that they have met from connecting online.

Bio taken from Benét's Spotify

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Abby Huston

Abby Huston’s debut album “Rich” was recorded in Richmond, Virginia, and made as a love letter to the local music scene. Each song is comprised of musicians pulled from their favorite house show bands, produced with their best friend Cameron SmithNot Kevin. The album was made while Abby was in studying fine art and sculpture and Cameron was studying Jazz at VCUarts. In these atmospheres, they developed what it meant for them to outwardly be an artist, musician, and nonbinary member of the queer community. Since first performing the album, they have had the opportunity to open for acts they look up to including CrumbSALESKate BollingerShilpa RaySun June, and The Last Bison while traveling up and down the North Eastern USA.

Bio taken from Abby's Spotify

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Artwork by Caro Gutierrez

Carolina is a multidisciplinary artist and designer born in Barranquilla and living in Miami. She previously worked in art direction and product development and is also an illustrator, printmaker, and graphic designer working freelance. She graduated in 2017 from Emerson College, where she focused on Global & Post-Colonial Art & Film History​, and conducted research for Boston's Museum of Fine Arts in 2018.

You can check out more of their work on their website:

Climb by Adi GuerrerX & Not Kevin

RELEASED 1/7/2021

“Climb” by Adi GuerrerX and Not Kevin is lyrically upfront about boundaries and vulnerabilities. The ebb of Adi’s pitched down vocals during the chorus introducing the flow of Not Kevin’s verse, provides a short ode to intimacy during pandemic time. The song came to existence from an online writing session where Adrianne Gonzalez (Adi GuerrerX) brought Cameron Smith (Not Kevin) a rough chord progression which eventually evolved into the duo co-producing and co-writing the piece.

Not Kevin

Not Kevin is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist, Virginia based, producer Cameron Smith (22). He uses this solo-project to collaborate with artists in various mediums and to explore production and songwriting, explaining the variation in styles and influences between releases. He studied music at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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Disco Rayado By Jackie Mendoza X Adi GuerrerX

LIMITED RELEASE  Via Bandcamp 1/1/2021

“Disco Rayado” by Adi GuerrerX and Jackie Mendoza was created after the pair remotely swapped beats in pursuit of producing for another artist. A few weeks later, Adi and Jackie happened to be working on the same beat Jackie laid the groundwork for. The sampled percussive elements, pit falling kick and bass are elements recognizable in Jackie's music. The heavily processed vocals, string section and driving bass are also found in Adi's work. The track was release via Bandcamp under a benefit compilation to support For the Gworls organiztion, where100% of the proceeds go to trans people in need. More about Jackie Mendoza and For The Gworls below.

Jackie Mendoza

Jackie Mendoza found inspiration from her motherland, Tijuana, Mexico, to create a unique sound influenced by Latin pop music, folk, and electronic pop. She creates melodies that captivate the listeners imagination with story-telling through sound design and narrative songwriting. Jackie uses voice and electric ukulele on a blend of electronic beats to bring to life a cacophony of sonic textures. 

Bio copied from the Jackie's Spotify.

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