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Queer Sci Fi Fantasy by Adi GuerrerX

Queer Sci Fi Fantasy MasterAdi GuerrerX
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Queer Sci Fi Fantasy is a short, escapist day dream, written, produced and mixed by Adi GuerrerX. During the pandemic Adi quickly became interested in Sci Fi shows and books, specifically cartoons like Steven Universe and She-Ra, along with novels by N.K. Jemisin. "Those worlds were easier to live in and digest than the bleak reality that life became for some many last year, and now still. QBIPOC romance in Sci Fi is also not as present as I'd like it, I think that's why there's such a big fan base of the shows. N.K. Jemisin's books can be heavy, but her characters are so authentic and her world building is so cool. I'm inspired to eventually write my own queer sci fi book at some point, but for now this cute lil jam will do!"

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